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Pinball Machine Buyers and Sellers Strategy Guide [FAQ]
What is a Pinball Machine Strategy Guide?

Our Pinball Machine Strategy Guide is a robust and easy to use tool that caters to anyone interested in buying or selling a pinball machine. The tool contains pricing information broken down into 5 categories to give the most accurate value for a pinball machine as possible. What sets our strategy guide apart from a traditional pinball price guide is that every piece of data we collect is visible to you! We don't arbitrarily set a price, we show you where the price came from. For eBay auctions, a link to the auction is provided so you can verify the data yourself. Hours of work goes into data collection and analysis every week so you can find your data in seconds!

Our searchable guide also includes detailed information about each machine including the type of game (Electromechanical or Solid State), the boardset used in the game (if solid state), number of players, features, and more.
What are your prices based on?

Pricing information in our guide is based solely on eBay prices. eBay is the standard medium for buying, selling, and determining the value of a collectable; we feel pinball is no exception. We take the data and break down each machine placing it into one of 5 pricing categories to give the most accurate value for a pinball machine possible.

At this time, we do collect data from other sources, such as Super Auctions and from Tiki Pinball sales made locally (outside of eBay). This data is available to evaluate separately or collectively in an overall average of all our pricing data available.
What are your 5 pricing categories?

Parts Machine - Machine is missing major components (circuit boards, playfield, head or cabinet) AND/OR has significant wear or damage and most likely cannot be salvaged. No Value given for Parts Machines
Below Average - Machine is 1) Not working OR has moderate cosmetic issues (machine is complete) OR 2) Machine works but has issues affecting gameplay OR substantial dings/scratches/wear (machine is complete)
Average - Machine is working with some issues AND has typical dings/scratches/wear
Above Average - Machine is 1) Working 100% AND cosmetically has minor dings/scratches/wear OR 2) Minor working issue(s) and cosmetically flawless
Collector - Machine is working 100% AND cosmetically flawless
How much data have you collected?

Since June 2006, we have collected data for over 10,000 pinball machine auctions on eBay! We add more than 100 auctions every week -- whatever sells on eBay goes into our database!
What is the Tiki Index?

The Tiki Index was created to try and give an 'Average' price for a machine with little data. The Tiki Index derives its value from a custom formula that attempts to normalize high and low data into an average. It is very useful when there is only one or two instances of a machine selling on eBay and you would like to ascertain an average price.
How often is your data updated?

Our data is updated daily! You will have up to date prices on on any machine that has recently sold on eBay.
Can I be notified when new data is available?

You can choose any number of machines to be placed on your personal watch list. When new data is added, you will receive an email containing a summary of all the machines that have new data.
Do you collect pricing information for Bingo machines? How about home model pinball machines?

We do not collection information about Bingo machines or Home Model pinball machines. Home Model pinball machines are machines that are smaller than a commercial pinball machine and do not have the means to accept coins. These machines were/are typically sold in Sears, Best Buy, and other retail stores. As a reference, home model games are valued from $50 to $150.
Besides pricing information, what other tools are available?

Several one-click solutions have been integrated into our tool.

We have an eBay metrics page that displays the Top 25 Most Frequently Sold Machines, the Top 25 Best Selling (avg price) Machines on eBay, the Top 25 Buyers and Sellers on eBay (based on our data), a breakdown of Number of auctions (by day) and average price (by day) letting you see the best day to end your pinball related auction, and more! Have an idea for another metric? We always want to hear your suggestions. Email your suggestions now!

Most of the information you see on the screen is clickable:
  • Machine Name
  • Manufacturer
  • System
  • Number of Players
  • Features
  • Time Frame
  • Condition (Below Average, Average, Above Average, Collector)
  • Auction ID
  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • View Feedback
  • Items For Sale
  • Column headings from the search results or related list (Machine Name, System, Manufacturer, Manufacture Date, Num Players, Avg eBay Price, Trend)
Each click gives you the power to sort the data, get detailed information, compile metrics, view groups of machines that share the same manufacturer, feature, and more!
What is a related list?

A related list is a group of machines that all have something in common. This could be a boardset, a feature, the number of players, or the manufacturer. A related list is actually broken down into 2 separate sections. The first shows the top 10 highest priced (avg price) machines that share that feature/manufacturer etc., and the second list gives you the complete list of machines. All of the columns of data on a related can be sorted by column by clicking on the column heading. This view of the data shows how this particular machine compares in price to other machines by the same manfacturer, or share the same boardset, or the same features etc. Related lists can be accessed from the machine details page of any machine you are viewing.
How much does your service cost?

At this time, we offer 2 types of subscriptions:
  • 3 Months: $6
  • 1 Year: $20

Click here for full details: Tiki Pinball Subscriptions
What does the application look like?

Look at the pictures!

This is the header and navigation toolbar at the top of every page.
Header toolbar

This is the footer and navigation toolbar at the bottom of every page.
Footer toolbar

Basic search - enter the name or partial name of a machine and click Search. HINT - wildcards (*), single quotes ('), and double-quotes (") are not needed!

Search Results - Click on the name of a machine to see details and pricing information. You may also click the column headings (Machine Name, Manufacturer, Manufacture Date, and Num Players) to sort the results.
Search Results

Machine Details - Comprehensive information about the machine. Click on the Manufacturer, the System, the Number of Players, or any of the Features to see a Related List of machines with the same attribute.
Machine Details

Buyers/Sellers Strategy Guide - Pricing information broken down by time frame and condition. The Strategy Guide also includes a breakdown of data from the last 365 days and by year* showing the average price (all conditions) for each period.

* Years or Time Frames are defined by today's date minus 365 days. Our guide is not based on calendar year but on sales grouped by year, based on today's date. Click HERE for an example.

All of the eBay auction data collected (Auction ID, Whether or not the machine sold as a Buy It Now, Date the Auction Ended, the Seller, the Buyer, and the Final Price). You can click on the Auction ID to view the original eBay auction (Subject to availability). Clicking on the name of the buyer or seller will display a summary of all machines sold or purchased by that user (Subject to availability).
eBay Individual Listings

An average price (all conditions) is displayed for all eBay data collected. You may also click on Show 50, Show 100, Show 150, or Show All to limit or increase the amount of data shown in this section.
eBay Individual Listings

Superauction and Tiki Pinball (sales made by us locally, outside of eBay) data you can use to evaluate. This data is not included when calculating the Strategy Guide prices.
Extra Pricing

All data collected (Auction ID, Whether or not the machine sold as a Buy It Now, Date the Auction Ended, the Seller, the Buyer, and the Final Price) with an average price (all conditions).
All Value Details
All Value Details

This is a Related List. This Related List shows the top 10 highest priced machines, by average price (all conditions) and a second related list shows all of the machines by the manufacturer, Allied Leisure. Each list can be independently sorted by clicking the column headings (Machine Name, Manufacture Date, Num Players, Avg eBay Price, and Trend). A Machine Name can also be clicked to view the details and pricing information for that machine. Related Lists can be generated by clicking a Manufacturer, System, Number of Players, or any of the Features from the Machine Details page.
Related List

Manage your subscription and preferences.
User Preferences

Please note - the screenshots above were taken directly from our application on 11/8/2007 and 4/27/2008. All of the data you see (with the exception of the Superauctions and Tiki Pinball data, [added to KISS for demonstrative purposes]) is straight from our database.

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